One of the most popular posts on Reddit today is a post from a guy complaining about Reddit

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They say there’s no such thing as bad news and today, Reddit is proving it. One of the top posts on the platform today is a post by a user complaining about Reddit.

The post by “SkepticalHikerr” is an open message to subreddit mods who ban people, allegedly because, well, because.

“Many Reddit mods will just ban you without telling you what you did wrong, in which many times it’s because they don’t agree with you! What can you do about it? Basically nothing,” Terry posted. “You should be told why you are banned just like in real life. You’re arrested? You’ll know why. You’re kicked out of a place? You’ll know why?”

Terry then goes on about civility on the Reddit platform.

“Should a civilized group of people be able to talk and work things out instead of being straight out banned?” Terry asked.

He then ranted about the personal lives of mods behind closed doors.

“Anyway, I’m sick and tired of nothing changing, and the same mods circle jerking each other and restricting free speech just because they don’t agree with you, not because you did anything against the rules,” he posted as he ended his rant.

As expected, the conversation went in about 250 different directions from there, but many just relaying their own Reddit war stories of days gone by.

In the end, SkepticalHikker was eventually banned from the r/UnpopularOpinion subreddit for posting his very unpopular opinion.


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