Satire news story had some in Brick believing MUA is setting up reservoir walking trail toll booth


BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – The Brick MUA has been criticized for years, but after the authority decided to indefinitely shut down the walking trail last March, the criticism grew.

The authority, which operates essentially as a political patronage pit for the township and Ocean County shut down last March, citing COVID-19 and the inability to force social distancing and mask-wearing.

Last week, the MUA announced it will be reopening to the public this spring.

The Brick Reservoir will now open on or about March 17th and while it was a pleasant surprise for many who enjoyed the trail, it was an opportunity for satire and sarcasm.

At this week’s Facebook Live session, Mayor John Ducey was confronted by a resident about an outlandish plan to charge residents per lap to use the reservoir.

The culprit was the satire community website “The Bay Head Beacon” story “MUA Adds Tolls to Reservoir Walking Path”.

“Now, the Brick Municipal Utility Authorities (MUA) announced that they will be reopening the path on March 17. This is great news for many people from Brick and surrounding towns who enjoyed walking or jogging around the scenic reservoir. Unfortunately, the MUA has decided to charge a fee for use of the walking path,” the satire story reported.

And some people thought it was a real story.

“The cost will be 50 cents for each circuit of the reservoir. We will also be offering punch cards that will give you 20 laps of the reservoir for only $5.” The MUA will be setting up a toll booth with an attendant to sell punch cards, collect fees, and punch the cards as walkers complete laps,” the story read.

Mayor John Ducey even had to defend the township and the MUA against the action in his latest Facebook live session, letting residents know it was just a satire and a humorous jab at the authority many in town love to hate.

The 1.6 mile walking path will be open for limited hours Wednesday through Sunday from 6:30 am to 8:00 p.m.  There will be no tolls or punch cards…for now.




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