NJ lawmaker says parents should know if their kids stopped by cops for drinking, smoking weed

Young Person Smoking Marijuana With Bong
Young Person Smoking Marijuana With Bong

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey State Senator Anthony M. Bucco said this week that parents need to be notified if their children are caught smoking weed or drinking alcohol. Under Governor Phil Murphy’s legalized marijuana laws, currently, both are prohibited.

Bucco said there should be enough bipartisan support in the Legislature to fix a recently enacted law that prohibits law enforcement from notifying parents when children are caught using or possessing marijuana or alcohol.

“Police shouldn’t be prohibited from telling parents that their child was caught engaging in illegal or dangerous activity with drugs or alcohol,” said Bucco (R-25). “Thankfully, it appears that both Republicans and Democrats in both houses of the Legislature want to fix this outrageous provision of our law. Governor Murphy apparently is supportive of this fix as well. Given that broad support, there’s no reason to delay action on moving this important legislation forward.”

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