Owl rescued from grill of truck after being struck euthanized


A Maryland Natural Resource Police officer resued an owl that was struck by a truck.

Corporal Hunt and Officer First Class D’Aoust rescued an injured barred owl stuck in the grill of a GMC Denali truck. Officers believe that the owl was swooping for prey when it was struck.

After successfully capturing the owl, Donna Cole, a bird rescuer, transported the creature to a rehabilitation center, Owl Moon Raptor Center. Unfortunately, the owl sustained significant injuries from the collision and had to be euthanized.

NRP reminds drivers to avoid throwing food waste, even biodegradables, out of car windows. Litter on the side of the roads typically draw rodents. The rodents can then attract birds of prey, putting them in a dangerous situation by potentially being hit by a car.

If you observe an injured animal, please contact us right away at 410-260-8888. Also, a special thank you to Reserve Officer Michael Lathroum for his involvement in dispatching the rescue.

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