Confusion as Biden boards Marine One helicopter, aides, Harris step in


U.S. President Joe Biden seemed confused on Sunday about which way to go to board Marine One, which was sitting on the tarmac in front of him. Although the reason for the confusion was unknown, detractors took no time to criticize the often absent-minded and sometimes, incoherent president.

Two officials standing with the President had to corral him back towards the helicopter as the President began to stray.


It seems as if the two men in suits were aware beforehand that Biden might want to wander off so as one went to cut off the President, the other swung around to let him know that it’s the helicopter to his right that he needed to board. After saluting one service member on his way to the helicopter, Biden seems confused and begins wandering away from the helicopter. Biden was abruptly stopped and redirected as he approached a group of people off-camera. Vice President Kamala Harris also stepped in for guidance.

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