American Idol performer asks to speak with manager after getting booted


Erika Perry started her trek with American Idol this year after complaining that her boyfriend broke up with her. She was able to shove it in his face when she get her ‘golden ticket’ to Hollywood after her audition.

Now, Perry is demanding to speak to the manager of American Idol after she was kicked off the show and didn’t advance through Hollywood Week. Perry made a wise choice in, singing Katy Perry’s (no relation) 2011 hit ET. She nailed it, in front of Katy Perry. Contestant Perry stumbled out of the gates and after being told no, she approached the judges.

“Are you sure? Like I’m not even acting right now, seriously but are you sure?” she asked.

After going backstage, Erika Perry began to lose it.

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“I’m a lunatic! Why do you think my ex dumped me? I’m a lunatic I will go f**king psycho,” she yelled. ““Who’s in charge of this? I’d like to speak to the manager.  I’ve been nice for years but I’m tired of being this nice college girl. No! I am done being nice!”

Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were all visibly disturbed by the outburst.

Later, Katy Perry Tweeted, “Cool it Karen” to Erika.

Erika responded

“if y’all gon be callin me karen, you betta put a bad bitch in front of it,” she responded. “to my big sista @katyperry i had fun playin the game baby girl. let’s hang soon xoxo.”

Pretty sure that’s not happening.

Perry said she knew her performance was bad and blamed her song choice.

“my genre performance was shit and i honestly hate that fucking song and never want to hear “in the air tonight” ever again,” she said.

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