Gov. Murphy socially distances himself away from COVID-19 passports


This weekend, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he and staff members have been looking into using CDC COVID-19 vaccination cards as COVID-19 passports. Under such a scenario certain activities would be allowed only for people who are vaccinated.

Murphy referenced vacations and sporting events of examples where vaccination ID cards could be required upon entering. He advised New Jersey residents to hold on to their vaccination ID cards, even advising residents to laminate them and keep them in your wallet.

On Monday, Murphy walked back his stance on the passports. The off-the-cuff remark could have had a negative impact during his 2021 re-election bid. It would surely be an unfavorable position to favor during a political campaign.

Perhaps realizing the idea is in itself a virus that could kill his campaign, he began to social distance from it.

“I was asked about the vaccination passport, if I was open minded to it,” Murphy said. “I said at one point, ya, I’d be open-minded to it. I don’t want anyone to think that we’re up here pounding the table that this is something that we unquestionably support.”

Murphy deferred the concept of COVID-19 passports to the jurisdiction of the CDC.

Life may soon get back to normal for millions of Americans as vaccinations continue across the country, but here in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he is working on a passport-style system that could see new freedoms, but also continued restrictions for the unvaccinated population.

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When asked if he is going to implement a passport-style system for New Jersey residents moving forward in the COVID-19 pandemic, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said it’s a strong possibility.

Whether or not you have been vaccinated could mean the difference between your ability to go to a movie theater or continue binge-watching Netflix. It could mean the difference between going to Yankee Stadium to watch the Bronx Bombers in Person or listening to David Cone and Michael Kay from the couch in your living room.

That’s because Murphy and his core COVID-19 think tank in Trenton are working on a potential class system based on vaccinations.

Murphy’s COVID-19 Chaos

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After receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, New Jersey residents are issued a COVID-19 vaccination card that shows proof of vaccination. As life moves forwards and Americans continue to get vaccinated, Murphy made it clear. Your vaccination card could be your golden ticket in the future if you wish to get back to life in his “new normal”.

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Murphy said he has a panel investigating options that could guide him, through science, to create different levels of restrictions and freedoms for people in his state, based on their COVID-19 vaccination status, akin to “papers” necessary for movement across the Nazi German empire of the mid-twentieth century.

If you have proper vaccination papers, you can go to the movies. If you don’t, then, continue sitting at home and watching Netflix.

“Do you have a panel that’s trying to figure out how to do that?” Murphy was asked on CNBC’s Squawkbox

“Ya. First of all, don’t get rid of the card, that’s likely to be something valuable,” Murphy said. “Keep the card. Laminate it and put it in your wallet.”

Murphy Mayhem

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“We have our own independent process and in terms of what that card, what value that card will have other than your own personal health,” Murphy added. “That is under consideration and there are lots of different potential uses for that. Whether it’s going to a sporting event, getting on a plane, etc. Hold on to it.”

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Where do we go from here?

As with most government-imposed restrictions, it will most likely start with non-essential entertainment such as the previously mentioned sporting events, movie theaters, and as Murphy said vacations. If the unvaccinated masses continue to plague Murphy’s agenda, it could be expanded to essential services such as visiting doctor’s offices and even your right to buy food.

Eventually tiring of the anti-vaccination movement, Murphy could eventually impose penalties and fines against people who he feels are continuing the spread of the virus. Two weeks to flatten the curve has now turned into four years with the Murphy administration jailing and imposing harsh penalties on business owners who violated his previous executive orders, so it’s not so far fetched as some of the so-called conspiracy theorists are predicting.

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