NJ Congressman Claims Wuhan Lab Was Making COVID-19 More Contagious Before Accidental Release

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith who represents the northern region of the Jersey Shore this week said that not only was the COVID-19 virus unleashed from a lab in Wuhan, China but that the Chinese Communist government was experimenting with the virus to make it more deadly and contagious.  Smith, a Republican said the U.S. government was aware of the research being done at the lab.

“To think that such a highly transmissible virus could be, not have the safeguards, not have the protections and not have people properly trained is unconscionable,” Smith said. “Frankly they were doing things…trying to boost the transmissibility of this disease, not necessarily to send it out to the world, but to make something more highly contagious than it is better have every safeguard as humanly possible.”

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Smith said many in Congress are asking questions, but are told that the World Health Organization is handling it.  Smith said the WHO is aligned with the communist party of China.

“There needs to be a completely unfettered access to all information,” Smith said. “So this doesn’t happen again.”