JACKSON, NJ – Six Flags Great Adventure will be open for spring break and the park is unveiling new restaurants and retail shops for 2021. The park will operate daily from March 27th through April 11th.

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This season, the park will debut three new restaurants:

  • Jersey Devil BBQ – Across from the entrance to Jersey Devil Coaster, guests can enjoy chicken wings with four different sauce options, brisket and brisket chili, cauliflower bites, charbroiled burgers, pulled pork, and salads; 
  • Smokehouse – Next to the Carousel, guests can grab food-on-the-go, including smoked turkey legs, bacon-wrapped pork kabobs, and Frito Lay products; and
  • Boardwalk Po’ Boys – Guests can explore Cajun favorites in the Boardwalk section such as jambalaya, gumbo, po’ boy sandwiches, fish & chips, shrimp & chips, and beignets.
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During spring operation, many rides, retail, and food locations will be available. Some locations will remain closed until summer operation begins.