Two shore high schools go remote after parties spread COVID-19

File photo: Beer pong at party.

HOLMDEL, NJ – Parties held by students from two shore area high schools have lead to the the district going back to all-remote learning. Students and faculty at Monmouth Regional and Holmdel High Schools have been forced to quarantine after COVID-19 postive tests were reported.

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100 students and faculty are now in quarantine at Holmdel. The district was one of the first in New Jersey to reopen fully just two weeks ago. Superintendent Leroy Sietz noted a significant spike in COVID-19 in the high school.

“We all want the pandemic to end, so we can return to our normal routines,” Seitz said. “But the here and now still requires a degree of vigilance if we want to maintain our commitment to keeping the schools open and our various extracurricular activities in place.”

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“We are disappointed that we have to make this decision, but please know that it was made out of an abundance of caution and with the health and safety of our students and faculty in mind,” the superintendent wrote in an email. “In the meantime, we continue to encourage everyone in our school community to follow the CDC guidelines.”

At Monmouth Regional, Superintendent Andrew Teeple blamed parents and students for the outbreak.

“Because of a party and the unwillingness of parents to cooperate in our contact tracing efforts, we are forced to suspend all in-person activities,” Teeple said in a letter to parents.

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Both districts expect students to return around April 17th.

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