10 Times Joe Biden’s Bizarre Behavior Had Us Worried About His Mental Health


There’s something not right about President Joe Biden. He often seems incoherent. He stumbles. He forgets his words and the White House has been keeping him away from non-scripted interactions with the American people. His mental awareness sometimes leaves us all wondering, “What is wrong with our president?”

There have been many speculations that he may suffer from the early affects of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but there has been no clinical diagnosis. On Sunday, Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician who served both Presidents Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump said something’s not right.

“I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents. I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job. I can tell you right now that the way Biden is hiding from the public is a MAJOR red flag. Something’s not right,” Jackson said. Jackson served as a Rear Admiral in the US Navy from 1995 to 2019 and has a medical degree from Texas A&M. From 2013 to 2018, he was Barack Obama’s personal physician. He was rehired by President Trump and served one full year as his doctor.

Here are 10 times Joe Biden made us wonder what is wrong with him

U.S. President Joe Biden Falls Three Times Walking Up Steps Of Air Force One
The White House said it was the wind that blew down the most politically powerful figure in the modern world, but from our perspective, Biden had a terrible time navigating those stairs.

Joe Biden Threatens Russian Leader Putin, “Will Pay A Price” For Election Meddling
Biden often criticized Donald Trump for his Twitter ramblings and provoking foreign leaders, but when Biden resorted to playground “meet me after school’ antics, it had many of us nervous about our future relationship and perhaps even war with Russia over words.

 Ronna McDaniel: Joe Biden Needs To Stop Hiding From America, The Press
Why is Biden hiding from the media? It’s unprecedented. The administration’s sheltering and hiding of the President from the people and the press is more than concerning.

Joe Biden Tells NASA Engineer Indian-Americans Are Taking Over Our Country
We get it. He’s old and things were different ‘back then’, but he needs to be able to fully adapt and be able to socially interact with people of color in a way that is acceptable in 2021.

Confusion As Biden Boards Marine One Helicopter, Aides, Harris Step In
In this clip, Biden looks like somebody’s grandpa lost at the supermarket. Luckily, his personal caretaker Kamlala guided him safely to the big helicopter nearby.

There He Goes Again: Biden Calls Harris President Again
My grandpa says a lot of things. He calls all the delivery guys, Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS, etc, “the mailman”. He also gets mad when he misses a great deal on steak in the weekly supermarket circular. But he’s not our President, Joe Biden is and for such mindless mistakes to keep happening, well;, we’re worried.

 Joe Biden Gave A Speech In Texas, But We’re Still Trying To Figure Out What He Said
We’re not even sure what the point was here.

Biden Asks Nine Year University Nurse, “Are You A Freshman?” During COVID-19 Vaccination Meeting
Bill Clinton was the last president to be able to get away with crossing the line with women. Now, we have the President of the United States flirting with a doctor in the middle of a pandemic. Sure, it was a nice compliment, but we’re talking about saving lives here, Joe.

Biden Calls U.S. Service Members “Stupid Bastards”, Campaign Said It Was Just A Joe Joke
He said it was a joke. His staff said it was a joke. He called U.S. service members stupid bastards. Even Facebook agreed it was a joke and banned people for sharing the story when it happened.

Latest Clip Proves Joe Biden May Be Suffering From Dementia
Out of nowhere, mid-sentence Joe gave a shoutout to his wife Jill. It was bizarre and disturbing. It was something you see regularly if you work in a retirement home, but not something you’re used to seeing from the President of the United States.

Now that we have Joe’s bizarre behavior out of the way, here’s something bizarre courtesy of Nancy Pelosi:  Nancy Pelosi Tells Story Of How Grandkids Say “Open Biden” To Open Doors

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