What is Jim Eagle and what does it mean?


President Joe Biden left millions of Americans confused when he compared legislation that sought to secure election integrity in Georgia to Jim Crows of the early twentieth century. Biden said the what’s happening in George,  “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle”.

What is Jim Crow?

Biden was referring to Jim Crow laws in southern states from the end of the nineteenth century until 1965 when the Democrat party was the side seeking to enact laws that suppressed the black vote.

Democrats in former slave states sought to disenfranchise the freed black men who were previously enslaved in the south. After the Civil War, the Democrat party enacted laws meant to segregate populations in their states by race. By 1910, all of the former Confederate states, controlled by Democrats sought to end election fraud, reportedly by black and poor white voters. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 ended segregation and Jim Crow laws.

Where does the term Jim Crow come from?

Jim Crow was a fictional character portrayed by a white man, Thomas Dartmouth Rice who donned blackface and rags to mock and imitate black Americans in his performances. It’s not certain why the Jim Crow character was used to represent the policy of segregation.

What is Jim Eagle?

Now that we all know what Jim Crow is, what the heck is this malarkey about Jim Eagle? Prior to Biden’s use of the phrase Jim Eagle, it literally did not exist. He invented it. Now that the Jim Eagle has landed, what is it about? Nobody knows for sure, but the most common theory is that a crow is a tiny bird and and eagle is a bigger and more dangerous bird.

Today, over 14 full pages of “Jim Eagle” now exist in Google’s search.

Jim Eagle in the future

We can envision Jim Eagle to trend for some time. Perhaps it can spark a Jim Eagle brand of whiskey or Jim Eagle beef jerky. Kids in the future might be wearing ripped up jeans with the Jim Eagle brand on them or even perhaps Jeep can revive the old Eagle branding making it bigger and better as Jim Eagle.

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