Asian councilman took off his shirt during town hall meeting to show how American he is


West Chester, OH – U.S. Army veteran Lee Wong said it’s time to stop the Asian hate and stop questioning the loyalty of Asians. The 69-year-old town council member took off his shirt at a public council meeting and showed proof of his patriotism.

“Here is my proof,” he said, showing his scars. “This was sustained during my service in the U.S. military. Now is this patriot enough? I’m not ashamed to walk around anymore. Before, people looked at my strange and said I don’t look American enough.”

Wong said it’s time for America to stop worrying about what race everyone is and to treat each other only as fellow Americans. Wong was elected to office in a town that is 90% white. During his youth, he was attacked because his attacker thought he was Japanese. When he was younger, he wanted to be a police officer, but said he was laughed at.

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“The Chinaman wants to be a police officer,” he said officers said as they chuckled. He later joined the US. Army’s Criminal Investigation Command. He was the first Asian-American in that elite group.