The Top 10 Baseball Bands or Songs


A lot of things that happen on Twitter probably shouldn’t, but the one thing that should happen is today’s “Baseball Bands or Songs” posts. With opening day right around the corner it’s a perfect time to get the season going.

I like big bunts and I cannot lie

Bunting is a fundamental skill in baseball that when executed properly can mean the difference between scoring runs and heading back into the field. Everyone loves big bunts that just wreck the psyche of an entire defense.

Papi Don’t Preach

When Big Papi David Ortiz retired from the Red Sox, his uniform number was invited. David gave an eight minute long acceptance speech when his uniform number was retired.

When the Doves Cry

Who can forget the time Randy Johnson killed the dove with his fastball.

Balk This Way

Often times balks are minor technicalities called by an overzealous umpire. Once in a while they are blatant.

Hit and Run DMC

A tribute to the god fathers of rap.

Who Left the Dugout

One of the more creative entries and a tribute to Pedro.

Girls just wanna have runs

You can’t have a list about hitting home runs and baseball without paying some respect to the women on the softball diamond.

Intentional Walk This Way

When they know you’re going kill it up on stage, this is what happens.

W.A.P. Whiney Ass Players

The song of the year and too often a common theme in baseball.

Every Pete Rose Has its Thorn

Poor Pete. He’s still banned from baseball for gambling and still holds many records. Will Pete ever make it into the Hall of Fame?

Bonus: In the Midnight Bauer

SNN is huge fans of Trevor Bauer. We’ve never watched his games. Never saw him pitch, but watch his VLOG and his dominance of the game on the field and off the field is what makes him our 2020 player of the year. Our contribution to the effort is in the Midnight Bauer.

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