Amazon schools Bernie Sanders on Minimum Wage posturing


CONCORD – New Hampshire Senator Bernie Sanders has been in Washington, D.C. for decades and he’s what we like to call a ‘finger-wagger’. Sanders can be found in the U.S. Capitol building on any given day when the Senate is in session waving his finger at something…or someone.

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This week, Bernie was finger-wagging at Amazon, criticizing the company’s union-busting effort, which should be criticized. Except when it comes to Bernie, he’s the pot calling the kettle black. Jeff Bezos was criticized by his own workers for poor working conditions within the company by employees, and like a good Democrat, Sanders didn’t let the opportunity go to waste.

“The reason Amazon is putting so much money to try to defeat you is because they know that if you succeed here, it will spread all over this country,” Sanders told Amazon workers in Alabama.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon put Sanders in his place, reminding the Senator about his own shortcomings.

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“There’s a big difference between talk and action. @SenSanders has been a powerful politician in Vermont for 30 years and their min wage is still $11.75. Amazon’s is $15, plus great health care from day one. Sanders would rather talk in Alabama than act in Vermont,” the company said.

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