Fact Check: It’s actually harder to get into a Major League Baseball game than it is to vote in Georgia

Here's why getting inside a major league baseball stadium is more difficult than voting in Georgia.

Washington D.C USA - 4 July 2017: The fans walking into an early morning baseball game betweens the Natiionals and the Mets on the fourth of July 2017

ATLANTA, GA – Major League Baseball has criticized the state of Georgia for its new voter laws, but did you know the rules to get inside a Major League Baseball game are far tougher than the rules to vote in the state of Georgia?

In order to vote in Georgia, you need to show up with your identification card and present it to the poll workers. Any valid state or federal identification card is allowed under Georgia Law. If you are a minority, as President Biden suggests and cannot get a valid identification card, you can request a Georgia voter ID card for free at any county registrar’s office.

Voting in Georgia is Free, MLB is Not

Getting a Georgia voter ID card is easier than purchasing a Major League Baseball ticket.

First, to get a Major League Baseball ticket, you need to provide proof of identity and a credit card. The ticket vendor will ask for your name, address and telephone number and require you to provide a credit card to make the expensive purchase. Ticket prices have risen so high, that it’s no longer affordable for low and many middle income families for a day at the baseball game.

MLB Ticket Pricing Not Affordable for Low, Middle-Income Families

If you don’t have a credit card, you can’t buy a ticket unless you show up at the gate. This is the first level of Major League Baseball’s social segregation. The more affluent can watch from the inside, while the poor watch from the outside.

You need to provide COVID-19 ID or Positive Test to Get Into Baseball Game, Not to Vote

Some Major League Baseball teams are requiring COVID-19 positive tests before entering their facility. Georgia does not require a COVID-19 test to vote. If you cannot get a COVID-19 test, particularly in San Francisco, you will not be allowed to watch a baseball game in person.

Many teams are requiring proof of full vaccination by COVID-19 Vaccination ID Card or a proof of a test within 24-hours.

MLB does not allow outside food in their stadiums

Georgia voting laws allow people to carry their own food and drinks while in line. They prohibit solicitors from supplying such items within 150 feet from a polling place.

Major League Baseball does not allow any outside food and drinks into their facilities, instead, guests are expected to pay $5 for a bottle of water, $9 for a hot dog and $10 for a beer. If you bring any outside food or drink into the stadium, you are in violation of the rules.

Georgia voters are not frisked, searched, wanded or forced through metal detectors to vote

And Major League Baseball frisks and searches everyone before entering the stadium. Women will have their pocket books inspected, all bags are inspected.

Georgia allows women to vote with their pocket books and there are no security sweeps or metal detectors required to gain access to vote.

It’s clear to see that voting in Georgia is still easier than getting inside a Major League Baseball stadium. MLB needs to check itself, because all of its rules are meant to discriminate against the poor and yes, minorities living around the stadiums themselves.

What about the MLB game in Cuba?

In 2016, Major League Baseball held a series in communist Cuba where human rights and voting rights are essentially non-existent. President Barack Obama attended and Major League Baseball didn’t care about the rights of citizens across the communist country.

Toronto Blue Jays Should Be Defranchised?

Canada requires voter identification. You must show a federal identification card to vote in Canada. If you don’t have that, you must show two non-federal forms of identification. If you don’t have any identification in Canada, then you need to have somebody who has a federal ID vouch for you at the voting booth.

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