Op-Ed: Whoopie Goldberg’s racist “Frog Legs” comment is an attack on Georgians and Southerners

hand putting lemon on fried frog legs on rustic wooden background.

Frog legs are a beloved cuisine in America’s deep south, including Georgia. Often, frog legs are looked down upon by the upper class. They are typically associated with poor southerners and ‘white trash’. Often, the cultural foods of a demographic are used to project racism upon a class or race of people.

Watermelon and fried chicken are often used in racial attacks against African Americans. Rice and Chinese food against Asians and curry against people from the Indian subcontinent.

Food has always been used by racists as a ‘free pass’ on being racially insensitive. The Irish potato farmers, French who eat snails…the list goes on.

When ‘woke’ talk show host Whoopie Goldberg threw out the “For Frog Legs” comment against the people of Georgia it was a new low, even for Goldberg. The former actress used frog legs to demean an entire state of people.

She didn’t actually mean “for frog legs”, what she meant was “for the white trash people of Georgia”.

Here is where we normally would say, “we can do better”, but Whoopie is a lost cause. It would be the same as if a white racist were to say, “For what? Fried Chicken and Watermelons?” to describe their disgust for an African-American dominated community. It is reprehensible.

Some who have come to Whoopi’s defense are claiming she substituted frog legs for “For F–k’s Sake”. You decide.

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