Toms River family kicked off Spirit Airlines flight for maskless 2-year-old


Nobody on the plane seemed to care, neither did a couple sitting across the aisle from the family, but a flight attendant on a Spirit Airlines flight out of Orlando heading to Atlantic City, New Jersey had a problem.

The airline eventually cleared the entire plane and removed the pregnant woman, her husband and toddler.

The flight attendant told the woman they had to exit the plane because the baby wasn’t wearing a face mask.

“A lot of kids aren’t wearing masks,” a nearby passenger said in their defense.

“The pilot wants you off,” the stewardess said.

“Seven months pregnant with a special-needs kid on a flight, trying to get [a mask] on her. She’s refusing to keep it on but we’ll all have to be kicked off,” the mother said.

Eventually, the family was allowed to board the plane again and continue their flight after a discussion with Spirit Airlines management.

According to Spirit Airlines, children two and under and those with special needs do not have to wear face masks.

“Guests who choose not to comply with our face-covering requirement will lose future flight privileges with Spirit. Children under the age of 2 years old are exempt,” the airline’s mask policy reads. “There may be other limited exceptions for a Guest with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) who meet certain criteria.”

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