The font on your Chinese takeout and local Karate school sign is now apparently racist

Racist Japanese Restaurant Menu

Just when you think the liberal left could not push the envelope of insanity further than it already has, they push it further. Now, the left is claiming the font used for your local karate school, Chinese takeout, and sushi joints are racist.

This ridiculousness was raised by CNN writer Anne Quito. Quito criticizes the use of “chop suey” fonts to represent products and services intended to be marketed as “Asian” using fonts that have little to do with the actual representation of Asian language characters and more to do with racist westerners’ impressions of them.

“It’s hard not to cringe at the Chinese stereotypes bundled up with each font package — especially when seen through the lens of today’s heightened vigilance toward discrimination and systemic racism,” Quito opines. “Critics believe that using chop suey typefaces is downright racist, particularly when deployed by non-Asian creators.”

It’s not just the fonts that are racist. Those Chinese restaurants also have racist names, like P.F. Chang’s, Chow Ming, Ming’s Garden, House of Lo, Dragon Kitchen, China Star, and others that don’t just tell Americans, “Hey, we sell Chinese food”, but “We’re racists because we use Chinese inspired fonts on our menu!”

Most of those restaurants, of course, are owned by Asian Americans and Asian immigrants making their new life here in America.

What’s worse, Quito says is that American Chinese restaurants don’t even make traditional Chinese dishes. Oh. the racism you’ll find at your local China buffet.

“. “Neither the food nor the fonts bear any real relation to true Chinese cuisine or calligraphy. But this has not prevented the proliferation of chop suey lettering and its close identification with Chinese culture outside of China,” says American historian Paul Shaw, who is leading the latest outrage from the left on the subject.

When you ask an actually Chinese scholar, such as Chris Wu about those racist fonts, here’s what he has to say.

“I am not offended by those typefaces, rather intrigued by them,” Wu said.

Let’s sit back and watch where the lunacy of the left takes this one.

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