5 Umbrellas you need to have this spring

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April showers bring May flowers, but it still rains a whole lot in May in most of the United States. Here are 5 umbrellas you never realized you needed to have for the upcoming spring weather until now.

The lettuce umbrella

Shaped like a head of Romaine lettuce, the lettuce umbrella is a definite green eye opener sure to impress everyone and open more than a few eyes.

When fully opened, the lettuce umbrella is also quite pleasing to the eye.

The Cherry Blossom Umbrella

This transparent domed umbrella features a cherry blossom imprint and from far away looks pretty sweet. It’s the perfect addition to any spring walk through the cherry blossoms in the park.

The Dreamcatcher Umbrella

This awesome idea is inspired by the popular dreamcatchers. You can make your dreams come true on any rainy spring day.

Pepperoni Pizza umbrella

Who doesn’t like pizza? Who doesn’t like pepperoni pizza? This fire umbrella will definitely make you the envy of the office when you stick it in the umbrella rack. No, but seriously, how cool is this pizza umbrella?

Super tiny mini umbrella

For all of you double agents out there and James Bond wannabes, you can get this super small umbrella that is smaller than the palm of your hand, but offers nice protection when it rains.

We’re really not sure why you made it this far. This is a post about cool umbrellas for spring, but maybe you were just as curious as we were.

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