Jersey waitress gets nearly $2,000 in donations after being stiffed by deadbeat


MORRISTOWN, NJ – In New Jersey, a state that has been hit harder than any other in an extended business lockdown imposed by Governor Phil Murphy, restaurants are struggling at 50% max capacity.

That means in order to make money and stay in business, some restaurants are imposing seating limits, capping dinner to 90 minutes so they can flip tables and keep the doors open.

Some people just don’t get it and are so self centered to think the world revolves around them which was evident when a deadbeat in Morristown (anyone see Chris lately?) stiffed a waitress because of their restaurant’s 90 minute rule.

“I’m sorry the server gets screwed on this. Don’t kick paying customers out after 90 minutes,” the pompous douche wrote on an $86 check Friday night.

It happened at the Glenrock Brewery which has been open for just six weeks now.

Under New Jersey executive orders set forth by Governor Murphy, restaurants must space tables six feet apart and may not seat more than 50% of their max capacity. Bar service in New Jersey is still banned. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for any restaurant to make much money these days.

So when the waitress, Beth notified the table she was serving that there was a line of people waiting to get in and their 90 minute time was up, they left the restaurant, without leaving a tip.

“We can’t fit 50% in just because of those limitations,” Co-Owner Heath Traver told Fox News in an interview. “We’re very limited in our seating capacity and that – with a pretty high demand to see us – is causing lines and we’re just trying to deal with it the best we can in the most fair way we can.”

The community rallied behind Beth, who is also a registered nurse and raised $1,700 for her. She said she’ll take her 20% tip out the total and give the rest back to her community. She wants to spend the rest to purchase meals for local healthcare workers.

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