If you had $9,000,000, you can purchase this Brielle waterfront mansion too


BRIELLE, NJ – Times are tough out there, but not for the person interested in dropping $8.9 million on this Brielle waterfront mansion overlooking the Manasquan River.

“A magnificent luxury residence is a work of art…which the owners have the good fortune of calling ”home”. When brought to its highest level, it is a masterpiece, combining the vision of its creators with the beauty of its natural setting. In this case…the Manasquan River is the backdrop for the home known since its inception as: ”Sui Generis”. Translated from Latin…”Of its own kind…in a class by itself…unique” Although it is among the most impressive estates on the East Coast, Sui Generis succeeds at the seemingly impossible combination of pure opulence and functionality, without any nod towards unnecessary pretentiousness. With design and lifestyle hints from Beverly Hills, Palm Beach County, and Southampton, this home captures the true spirit of casual elegance.” the MLS listing on this gem reads.

Here’s an inside look into the ridiculously wealthy lifestyle you can have if you can get enough people to co-sign your mortgage.

A grand entrance awaits you and your guests. Photo Monmouth MLS
If you ever wanted to roleplay a scene from Annie or the Titanic, this is the foyer for you. Photo Monmouth MLS
When you’re ridiculously wealthy you can afford to stock your home with any ridiculous and expensive pieces of art, especially if they look eerily like a scene out of Roots when arranged. Photo Monmouth MLS
Don’t get too excited about this lounge area. It’s just the waiting room for guests as they wait for you to come out and greet them. It’s nothing that special, really. Photo Monmouth MLS
Here’s what your kitchen will look like. Not that you’ll ever see it because your butler will probably bring you whatever you need from here. Photo Monmouth MLS
Be the CEO of your own home-based board room. Sit the kids down for some one-on-one time or it’s just perfect for telecommuting if your only job is to speak on the phone and tell people what to do. Photo Monmouth MLS
Joe Biden can comfortably house 10-20 migrant children in your bathroom. Photo Monmouth MLS
If you can afford this home, you can afford a nice suit, tie and belt collection. Luckily, there’s a place for that. Photo Monmouth MLS
Why take a cruise when you can bring the cruise ship lounge to your home? Photo Monmouth MLS
This room is great for the 20 minute twice a week daily session with your personal trainer. Photo Monmouth MLS
Of course, you live a very stressful life. That’s why this sauna is here to relax your stress away. Forget the problems of Wall Street and P&L reports. Photo Monmouth MLS
You can probably afford to fly to exciting places around the world and have a great time, but why should you when you can recreate all of that in your basement? Photo Monmouth MLS
Hopefully you have kept a lot of friends on your way up, because there’s an awful lot of room down here. Unless you’re ok just inviting the flock of ass-kissers and yes men to a day at the boss’s house once in awhile. Photo Monmouth MLS
Stay COVID-19 safe in your own private movie theater. Photo Monmouth MLS
Do you like wine? Of course you do. You can store more wine in this wine cellar than you’ll drink in a lifetime, but you have the money, so why the hell not? Photo Monmouth MLS
You will have a great view of your yacht from this patio sitting area (or in this case your 20 foot skiff). Photo Monmouth MLS
Not to be outdone by t he neighbors, even your pool will be better than everyone else’s. Photo Monmouth MLS
You play tennis? Of course you do? Basketball? Maybe once or twice from the looks of it. Photo Monmouth MLS
If the sauna, game room, boat, pool hall, movie theater, outdoor waterfront patio, pool, bar, wine cellar hasn’t take edge off in your life, perhaps some time in your very own meditation garden will do. Photo Monmouth MLS

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