The pandemic biking in traffic fad sweeping America caught in New Jersey


GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ – There’s a fad that has taken off across America during the pandemic. Teenagers have taken to the streets to ride their bikes, challenging traffic and drivers, blocking traffic and being a nuisance on the roadways.

Gloucester Township Police are asking parents to educate their children about the real life dangers of riding their bicycles against oncoming traffic and on heavily traveled roads.

“Gloucester Township Police has recently seen a dangerous trend of bicycles swerving into oncoming traffic and moving motor vehicles, and/ or blocking traffic in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, as seen in the below photos.
Some incidents are being recorded by other riders involved to upload and share on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. This is a fad across the country with deadly consequences. Most offenders are juveniles who may not understand how hazardous this activity is,” the department said. “GTPD is asking parents to educate their kids on bicycle safety and monitor their child’s social media. Remind your children while out on their bicycles, they have to obey the same laws of the road just like a motor vehicle.”

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