Georgia Police Officers Ambushed by Man Shooting AK-47


CARROL COUNTY, GA – An African-American male armed with an AK-47 ambushed Carrol County Sheriff’s Officers on April 12th and new dashcam footage reveals the terrifying attack from the view of the officer.

On April 12, 2021 Deputies with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office joined in the pursuit of two suspects involved in a high-speed chase who was actively shooting at Officers and posed a major threat to the community.

Corporal Jamison Troutt was in active pursuit of the suspects, following behind Carrollton Police Officer’s when he heard and observed gunfire from the suspect vehicle strike Sergeant Rob Holloway from Carrollton Police Department causing him to crash.

Corporal Troutt along with multiple other agencies continued pursuit as other officers stopped to render aid to Sergeant Holloway.

The suspect vehicle crashed a short time later in a wooded area off Highway 61 and Whitworth Road. As Deputies along with other agencies were setting up a perimeter, they were aware the suspects were armed and dangerous and had no regard for human life.

As Deputies were working to stop and turn traffic around to protect those civilians traveling on Highway 61 all while continuing to be cognitive of where the suspects could be, they were alerted to more gunfire coming from the area of Ithica Gin School and a Villa Rica Officer needing assistance.

Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto responded to the area and observed Officer Chase Gordy’s vehicle in the roadway. While trying to make contact they were advised that an officer was down.

As they were driving towards the area of Officer Gordy’s location they were met in the roadway by the suspect, identified as Pier Alexander Shelton who was armed with an AK 47. Pier Shelton immediately opened fire on Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto. One of the first shots fired from Pier disabled Corporal Troutt’s vehicle as Pier continued to advance firing inside the vehicle striking Deputy Jay Repetto in the arm.

Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto returned fire and stopped the threat in a matter of seconds which allowed first responders to render aid to Officer Gordy who had been shot multiple times.

“If not for the heroic efforts of all Officers and agencies involved and to Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto for stopping the suspect, this incident could have resulted in more Officers being injured or killed and the suspects could have posed an even bigger threat to the public as this occurred in a residential area, and at this time of the morning, people are getting ready for work and staff is getting ready to arrive at the school,” the department said. “The second suspect identified as Aaron Shelton was located a short time later and taken into custody. We are thankful to our community for the outpouring of support for all involved and we continue to ask for your thoughts and prayers for those injured and affected by this horrific incident.”

You can watch the full video here.

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