Unhealthy Obsession? CNN publishes 20 Trump stories in one day


Over at CNN former President Donald J. Trump nearly received as much air time and column space on their website as current president, Joe Biden. The network which worked so hard to get rid of Trump can’t stop talking and writing about their number one source of content.

On Sunday, CNN produced 19 articles about Trump by 5 pm, Eastern Time. On the same day, they produced 24 Biden articles and half of those mentioned Trump.

CNN’s ratings have crashed since Trump left office even though the network spends a bulk of their time on all topics related to Trump.

According to Business Insider, he network averaged 2.5 million primetime viewers between the day after the election— November 4, 2020 and Inauguration Day. Since Inauguration Day, the network received an average of 1.6 million viewers daily.

The network’s unhealthy obsession with the former President could have more to do with their political obsession and more to do with their quest to bring back anti-Trump viewers.

This comes after a network producer said the network was actively engaged in political sabotage of the former President, directed by Jeff Zucker himself.

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