Biden officially ban the words “Illegal Aliens” as America’s border crisis continues


Whether you call them illegal aliens or illegal immigrants, it doesn’t change America’s ongoing illegal immigration border crisis. The Biden administration today ordered agencies in the federal government to immediately cease using the term “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant” to “non-citizen or migrant” and “undocumented”.

While the terms have changed, the manuals are updated and protocols are implemented, thousands of illegal, whatever you want to identify them as, are coming across the border daily and being sent out into border towns with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Biden announced his plans to ban the terms hours after taking his oath of office.

In January, Biden announced his plan to overturn the legislative branch, ordering them to remove the words “Illegal Alien” from their laws, existing, pending, and future. Biden sent an immigration bill to Congress on Thursday seeking to drop the phrase from the books. The new word for illegal aliens will be “noncitizen”.

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