Hoodlum points gun at man to carjack him, ends up on ground squealing like a pig


A video going viral this week shows two hoodlums approach a man getting out of his car, one with a gun pointed at him. It appears that the man could soon be carjacked or even worse, shot. That is until he decided to defend himself and grabbed the hoodlum with a gun and body-slammed him to the ground.

The wanna be gangster is then heard squealing like a pig on the ground before yelling, “ok, ok!”

His accomplice begs for mercy, “Hey, let him go!”

After letting the failed carjackers go free, he tells them, “Get the f-ck outta here!” and the two teens fled home where they most likely made a quick underwear change.

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The bright side of this story is that the headline didn’t read man being carjacked hospitalizes to wanna be thug teenagers.