Shots fired! Governor Murphy takes aim at legal gun owners in Second Amendment drive-by


TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is taking aim at legal, law abiding gun owners and missing the intended target of illegal gun owners who commit violent crimes. In Murphy’s street battle drive-by shooting against the second Amendment, the only victims, like the real drive-by shootings plaguing our cities, are the innocent bystanders.

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New Jersey Senators Mike Testa and Steve Oroho are firing back at the Murphy administration.

In response to broad-reaching gun control measures announced today by Governor Murphy, Senator Michael Testa and Senator Steve Oroho said the agenda is a smokescreen that fails to address violent crime in the state and instead targets the rights of law-abiding residents to legally own firearms.

Murphy’s proposals include prohibiting the purchase of rifles and shotguns by those younger than 21 years old, and requiring out-of-state gun-owners moving into the New Jersey to obtain firearm purchaser IDs and register guns.

“It is unimaginable that our state laws may one day prohibit a young man or woman who fought for our freedom in the military from owning a hunting rifle or shotgun,” said Testa (R-1). “None of the changes announced by Murphy will impact violent criminals.

“This is just more of the same misguided attacks on guns and gun-owners that we are seeing in Democrat-controlled states across the nation. The Second Amendment and private gun rights are threatened now more than ever with a President who has publicly stated his disdain for the sacred constitutional protections afforded by our Bill of Rights,” Testa added. “Make no mistake, they are infringing on the rights of law abiding gun owners.”

In his public announcement made in Newark, Murphy said he wants to change how the state monitors the sale of ammunition, demanding manufacturers and vendors of handgun ammo maintain electronic sales records and report them to the New Jersey State Police.

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“None of the Governor’s proposals will take guns out of the hands of criminals, or make neighborhoods safer,” said Oroho. “Criminals don’t follow the law. That’s what makes them criminals.

“Murphy’s agenda seeks to harass and disarm the hunters, target shooters, and families seeking security who legally own their weapons under the protection of the Constitution, and use them safely, responsibly and considerately,” Oroho continued. “Rather than going after the bad guys and taking criminals off the street, Murphy wants stricter measures that threaten to turn many good people into felons. This may be only the beginning of an all-out assault on legal firearms owners.”

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