Fauci vs. Trump: Who threw a worse first pitch at a baseball game.

Who threw the worse first pitch at a baseball game? Donald Trump or Anthony Fauci?

There’s definitely a war going on between Dr. Anthony Fauci and former President Donald J. Trump. Today we look at the arsenals in this battle. As baseball returns across America, we’re going to compare the first pitches thrown by Trump and Fauci to see who did it better.

First, we head to New Jersey, the home of the Somerset Patriots, now the New York Yankees AA minor league affiliate. Trump landed his “Trump” copter on the field back in May of 2004 to throw out the first pitch.

Trump had decent form for an old guy and threw a sinker that dropped in the dirt right in front of the catcher. Not bad. Now, let’s take a look at Fauci’s first pitch last season at a fan-less Washington Nationals game.

What the f-ck just happened here? Fauci just kind of shot put a ball down the first base line. Not sure if this was some kind of intentional walk pitch or if the guy ever actually threw a baseball in his life. It was probably one of the worst first pitches in professional baseball history.

Fauci definitely threw the worst first pitch in this competition, and will likely be the leader in this category for a long time to come. It must have been all of the masks he was wearing.

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