Mo Hill Ally, Toms River Councilman Geoghegan says township fire election “Stolen” after landslide defeat

July 2019: Mayor Mo Hill celebrates his election win at campaign headquarters with members of the Toms River Jewish Community Council and Agudath Israel of America.
July 2019: Mayor Mo Hill celebrates his election win at campaign headquarters with members of the Toms River Jewish Community Council and Agudath Israel of America. Photo courtesy of Mo Hill for Toms River Mayor campaign.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Tom River Mayor Mo Hill’s ally and Councilman Kevin Geoghegan, Hill’s right-hand man in township politics, is used to getting his way with the people of Toms River. It was Hill that approved an ordinance for Geoghegan that forced the township to use Geoghegan’s Silverton First Aid as the primary source of medical emergency service calls in order to enrich the Geoghegan family which now operates the services as a for-profit service. The Silverton EMS is no longer a volunteer service. Their new success is founded in part by a no-bid agreement they received from the township. Councilman Kevin and his brother operate the family business.

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Kevin Geoghegan at the 2019 Mo Hill election victory party.

The Mo Hill gang, until this weekend felt they had the necessary votes in North Dover to pass any legislation they want in town. Whether it’s on the school board, in town hall, or in the fire districts. After all, Hill’s team now has a total monopoly on township finances across the board, including the township’s Municipal Utility Authority.

After being defeated by fresh and new faces in the 2021 Fire Commissioner elections, Geoghegan is now claiming election fraud, saying the election was “stolen”.

In a post on social media showing the McDonald’s Hamburglar character Geoghegan called out the Toms River senior citizen population. Geoghegan and Hill’s team had a large turnout at the polls in North Dover as expected. Usually, for Hill’s team that would be enough to win an election, but the North Dover senior citizen population came out in force to overturn the Hill-Geoghegan voting bloc. And they’re not happy about it.

Spewing alternate facts, Councilman Kevin Geoghegan claims his brother won the election.

“Brian [Geoghegan, Kevin’s Brother and partner in crime at Silverton EMS] and Rich won by more than 2-1 at the polls, but a negative mailer that went out to the senior communities killed them.”

That mailer, Geoghegan said was the work of Toms River Councilman Daniel Rodrick who has been fighting Hill and Geoghegan for nearly five years in township politics. Rodrick Defeated Geoghegan in the 2017 council election.

Rodrick’s mission in 2021 has been to remove Mo Hill and all of his ill-gotten influences in Toms River politics. Rodrick has opposed the Geoghegan-Hill two acre religious zoning and has reportedly been going door to door in the town to tell residents exactly what is going on in the administration and political circle of Mayor Mo Hill. It appears to be working.

Rodrick and his team now face a tough primary challenge. Rodrick and his pro-Toms River slate is running under Hirsh Singh for New Jersey governor in June to topple Hill’s grip on Toms River once and for all.

At this time, Geoghegan has not said whether or not he will take the matter to the courts to be overturned, but maintains the election was “stolen”.

Photo: Mo Hill, Kevin Geohegan at their private 2019 Toms River election victory party.

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