Kim Guadagno did a great job with Fulfill, so why did Republicans fire her?

Shore Republicans continue to eat their own as Murphy showdown looms


MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ – Republicans at the Jersey Shore continue to eat their own in a scenario that is playing out like an organized crime turf war. Last week, Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden and Ocean County Republican Chairman Frank B. Holman put out a hit job on former New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

Guadagno served as the CEO of Fulfill for the past two years where she turned a sinking ship into a pandemic savior for thousands at the Jersey Shore during COVID-19. Fulfill, under Guadagno filled a gap that was missing when the pandemic struck and people were left without food and jobs across Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Guadagno’s crime was going against the family…literally. Insiders now say Guadagno had the audacity to announce her endorsement for incumbent Republican politician Serena DiMaso. DiMaso was whacked by the Golden-Holman enterprise and did not receive the party’s endorsement despite being a popular elected official within her own community.

DiMaso is known to not exactly play by the establishment rules either. Those rules usually dictate who gets government jobs and contracts.

For her support of DiMaso, Guadagno was whacked at the hands of Frank Holman’s daughter-in-law Lauren Holman who serves as the chairwoman of Fulfill. Holman works for Holman Frenia Allison P.C., the GOP leader’s pay-to-play accounting firm that takes in over $4,000,000 in annual public contracts from both sides of the political aisle.

Lauren Holman, political hatchet wielder for the Monmouth/Ocean GOP serves as the chairwoman of Fulfill.

Guadagno took the public execution in stride, saying simply that she will return to the private sector and continue practicing law.

Meanwhile, Golden replaced DiMaso with Vicky Flynn, a Holmdel School Board member and party line tower.

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