Chef dry ages three most expensive steaks then he boils them in water…why?


If you’re not familiar with Guga, he’s one of the most popular YouTube steak chefs and while most of the time he performs amazing feats of achievement in his experiments, this time, he may have gone too far. Guga took WAGU grade 5 cuts of beef…then cooked them using the sous vide method.

Guga started out with three cuts of beef, Kobe, Miyazaki and Hokkaido. These steaks can run you hundreds of dollars per steak depending on the grade.

He dry aged each cut and they looked fabulous. They are now ready for the grill.

Except, he vacuum-sealed the steaks and dumped them in hot water. But see how these Sous Vide steaks turned out to be succulent chargrilled masterpieces in the video below. Be sure to check out other incredible and, well, not-so-incredible steak experiments by Guga on his YouTube channel.

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