You know you’re from Toms River if…

There are several tell tales about how you can tell if somebody is from Toms River. First, they’re ok with the grammatical error in the town’s name. Named after “Thomas Luker” Tom’s River is now called just Toms River.

You might even find more than a few people who will argue that the town is actually Dover Township and not Toms River, but that’s for another day.

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You know the best donuts in town aren’t found at Dunkin, but at Uncle Doods and Ob-Co.

If you grew up on Toms River, you probably have an insatiable desire to be at the beach, fishing, crabbing or in the ocean. You may think the best way to spend a Friday or Saturday night is just a simple stroll on one of the many bayside and ocean front boardwalks.

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