Mitt Romney heckled and booed at Utah GOP convention

Donald Trump might be gone for now and in Mitt Romney’s head, he is the conquering hero of the Republican establishment, but this weekend, he faced his own reality.

Romney was booed, heckled and jeered when he took the stage at this weekend’s Utah GOP convention.

He tried to open with the line, “So what do you think of President Biden’s first 100 days.”

The crowd continued to boo Romney who then confided, “I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues.”

The crowd erupted in screams and boos.

“Show the President some respect,” somebody shouted from the audience.

“Thank you,” Romney said. “Thank You! Aren’t you embarrassed? You have to understand I have a few folks who don’t like me terribly much. You can boo all you like, but I’ve been a Republican all of my life.”

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