“Nothing happens in Hartville” victim said after he was robbed and shot at


HARTVILLE, OH – A Hartville man now knows some things do indeed happen in Hartville. Police here said those were the words of a local man before his truck and motorcycle were robbed at gunpoint.

“Last night, at about 2 am, the victim told our officer that he left his door unlocked because “this is Hartville and nothing happens in Hartville,” police said.

He was talking to the officer because a man had just entered his home through his unlocked door, after he had first tried to steal his truck, unsuccessfully, but he punched out the ignition and damaged the truck.

Then the burglar tried to steal the man’s Harley Davidson motorcycle. He pushed the motorcycle from the garage out into the street but he was unable to start it so, he went back into the garage and entered the house through the unlocked garage.

The thief found the sleeping owner and forced him outside at gunpoint and when the owner didn’t immediately start the Harley as directed, the burglar tried to shoot him.

“Thankfully the gun that the burglar had also stolen was not loaded or this story would have taken a devastating turn right here. The man got away and he is still out there,” police said. “He is DANGEROUS. He is out late at night and he will break into occupied homes in or around Hartville and now he may be armed. Please lock your cars and your homes. This is Hartville and it DOES happen here.”

Police said they capture the criminal, but are worried that there could be more victims before they have compiled enough evidence to convict him and send him to prison.

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