Fact Check: Biden said people who are not fully vaccinated can still die every day

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If you don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, you’re going to die. If you get the vaccine, you’re still going to have to social distance and wear facemasks. That’s the mixed message coming out of the White House this week.

It’s also the underlying problem of the pandemic and the country’s mistrust of public health guidelines and CDC recommendations. Tthe problem with the mixed signals and confusing messages coming from the Biden administration when it comes to COVID-19 and vaccinations is that it is eroding public confidence.

On one hand, Biden told Americans if they don’t get the vaccination, they’re going to die. If they do get the vaccination, there’s still a good chance of contracting the deadly virus, so wear a facemask. If not one, then two at a time.

Now, as vaccination supplies outnumber the demand for the vaccines, the government is pushing the remaining citizens to get their vaccine shots. It is become a hard sell because Biden and other officials are sending too many mixed messages.

If the vaccine works, which we are confident it does, then believe in it and show America that it works. Reopen the country and drop the mask mandates immediately. If it doesn’t work, then by God, let us know the truth. What we don’t need is a President fear-mongering the nation saying if you’re not fully vaccinated, you’re going to die.

It’s not true. The CDC says it’s not true. Most people who contract COVID-19 don’t have severe symptoms. 1.7% of people of all ages have passed away from the COVID-19 virus and the majority, 80% of those patients were over the age of 65.

In America, 32,500,000 people have contracted the virus. 577,000 have died. That means 31 million people have actually survived their COVID-19 infection, or 98.3% of patients.

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