How recreational is the cannabis market

A question often presented is, “how recreational is the medial Marijuana market?” To address this question, it is important to understand that Marijuana impacts each person in ways unique individually. Evidence of such is expressed in the reviews section of Marijuana dispensaries, ranging from terrible product resulting from myriad reasons, to the other side of the spectrum with customers who praise the product and elaborate with details of extravagent road trips to reach the quality that most effeciently serves the medical needs of our community.

A question we can ask in return is, “are there any medical conditions a person suffers from that Marijuana alleviates which should not be recommended to patients?” A flurry of responses from physicians, whom have very little literature on the topic, will indicate that conditions such as mood disturbances have the greatest potential to adverse affects when using the product. If we hesitate in executing decision-making and half-way attempts to the projects along the way, we may lose this otherwise improbable opportunity. Improbably referencing the decision to allow residents of legal age to determine how best to treat their medical conditions and which conditions qualify. Post-traumatic stress, for example, is not a guaranteed condition in every state if requirements are not met, and even then, still not a guarantee.

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Prescriptions are not the obstacle, especially when state healthcare recipients have reduced cost for submitting proper documentation after receiving a physicians referral. Although there are time consuming barriers to the application process, an example denial for a prescription as a result of submitted photos not meeting state requirements and the timeframe for waiting on approval starts over again. Some dispensaries are confident in their knowledge of the law at the time of email approval and are willing to cooperate with patients by manually submitting the license number before arrival, whereas other dispensaries protect their investments at all costs and require both photo identification and medical Marijuana card at the time of purchase.

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Prescriptions can be an obstacle over the long term, though. Safety sensitive job functions are required to test for the federally illegal product and employers have the right to screen prospects during the time of inception. Otherwise, the process of discovering quality medicine comes at the expense of inexpensive licensing and a political playground that seems to have a heavier hand that warranted at times. Dispensary A carries product that dispensary B carries, however, there are discrepencies in the testing results, even beyond the facility. Much time can be spent in the pursuit of medicine that works for the individual, however, it is noticed that particular dispensaries carry product that is suitable for most audiences overall and their teams of experts use language that presents the customer with clarity in understand of the effects of strains and their designations when grown.

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Legalization seems to have little to no effect on traffic-related incidents and it is suggested the black market for Marijuana and pharmaceautical abuse is tapering down exponentially. As complicated as the legal framework might be and as blurry as the lines are regarding the industry, how well our communities are adjusting to transition of a calmer social orientation is something worth talking about. For those who views the stoner stereotype as lazy, remember this: there is no health insurance that covers the cost of the legal purchase of Marijuana, with or without a prescription.

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