Do you want fries with that racism? Upset with Burger King order, woman drops the n-word


The African American worker serving 77-ear-old Judith Black at the Burger King in The Villages in Florida made the mistake of serving a Whopper with a tomato that was just a little bit too thick. So she did what she felt was the most rational decision in such a stituation.

She called the workers in the restaurant “n-ggers” and threw the sandwich at them.

According to police, on April 30th, 2021 , at approximately 6:12 pm, deputies were dispatched to a disturbance at 5845 Seven Mile Drive, Burger King.

“Prior to our arrival, we were advised by Sumter County Dispatch that the suspect had hit a worker at the Burger King with a burger,” a police report said. “They also stated that the suspect had just left in a white Ram pickup truck with the license plate number LC9IW, which was obtained via a video from another worker at the Burger King.”

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Upon arrival, officers made contact with the victim who stated that an older white female, later identified as the Judith Ann Black was not satisfied with a Whopper sandwich she had ordered and was yelling at her at the ordering counter.

She stated that she informed Mrs. Black that she could help her if she would stop yelling and turned around. As the victim turned around, Mrs. Black proceeded to throw the Whopper at her, striking her in the back, just below her neck.

Mrs. Black then walked out to her vehicle, followed by her husband, and left. The victim stated that Mrs. Black said, “Shut up you black bitch.”

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The victim stated that when she and her coworker walked outside she heard Mrs. Black call her a “n-gger.”

Multiple witnesses confirmed the victim’s statements, including a manager of Burger King, a worker at Burger King, and an independent customer of Burger King. The manager stated that Mrs. Black called the victim a “black n-gger” and said, “F-U (fuck you)” before storming out of the restaurant.

The worker stated that Mrs. Black said, “Fuck you black n-ggers” and before leaving, stated “black n-ggers” again.

All three witnesses stated that Mrs. Black threw a Whopper at the victim when she turned around, striking her in the back. Upon review of the video footage from the Burger King security cameras, it was confirmed that at 6:04 pm, Mrs. Black struck the victim with the Whopper in the back.

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