Many Americans think Biden photo with Jimmy Carter is a fake, is it real?


Mistrust in government is at an all time high under the administration of President Joe Biden and today, people don’t even trust a simple photograph published by the Carter Center. That photo pictured an awkwardly huge Joe Biden and his wife Jill with an unusually tiny former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. The photo was taken at the Carter’s private home in Georgia this weekend and it is real.

Photography experts claim the photo is distorted, suspecting the photographer used a wide angle lens. Wide angle lenses when used in close quarters creates distortion on either side of the photo making the objects at the horizontal edges of the photo appear much bigger than they are.

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Improperly used, wide angle lenses can create a fishbowl effect on photographs.

Health experts chiming in on the conversation have claimed that you’re also looking at the effects of aging on the human body. Jimmy Carter is 98-years-old. It is common for humans to lose one to two inches in height.

Still, the mistrust in government has led the photo to become the talk of conspiracy theorists who claim the photo is not real and photoshopped.

It has also become a political football for the President as those on the right have criticized Biden for pushing a double standard. Biden tells Americans to wear two masks and when indoors with a former President, he wore none. On the left, many are in denial of the picture’s authenticity because they do not believe Biden would violate mask ethics in such a way.

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