Radical Lefty Ben of Ben And Jerry’s lashes out at police and Mr. Softee after union’s brilliant political stunt


When the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police wanted to send a message to District Attorney Larry Kasner for being soft on crime, they parked a Mr. Softee ice cream truck in front of his office.

When Ben Cohen, the “Ben” in the ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s caught wind of the stunt, he was triggered. Cohen is an extreme leftist and often tosses his hat into the political arena. He went unhinged on the FOP and Mr. Softee.

“The FOP is out of control, regularly lashing out at anyone who threatens their unquestioned power,” Cohen said. “To be clear, Mr. Softee isn’t even ice cream. It is pumped up with a lot of hot air, which is somehow frozen in a limp sort of way. It is chock full of artificial ingredients. In short, it’s fake ice cream. Just like the lies that the FOP has been telling about a courageous fighter for true justice and one of the best D.A.’s in the U.S.”

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Like many cities, Philadelphia is experiencing a COVID-19 crime wave that has largely gone unchecked by local officials who seek to defund the police.

The New Jersey based Mr. Softee franchise trucks are a popular sight on the streets of Philadelphia. The parent company said it does not endorse a stance on the matter and was not involved in the incident.

“We didn’t know about it until after the fact,” Mister Softee Vice President Jim Conway said. “Apparently [The FOP] McNesby contacted one of our franchisees. We’re really not interested in politics.”

Cohen went on to say the police were out of control in Philadelphia.

“They resist when anyone breathes a word about police accountability,” Cohen said. “The FOP is out of control, regularly lashing out at anyone who threatens their historically unquestioned power.”

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