Talk radio host Bill Spadea banned from YouTube for criticizing school mask policy

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NJ 101.5 ‘shock jock’ Bill Spadea says a lot of things people don’t like to get ratings on the air, but one thing he said really pissed off YouTube and they banned his account for 7 days. Spadea had the audacity to question the medical effectiveness of children wearing facemasks for hours on end in near isolation in schools across New Jersey.

The science is unclear about children wearing facemasks all day. Just last week, a school nurse in Ocean County was fired from her job for suggesting it’s unhealthy. Dr. Anthony Fauci even warned against it early in the pandemic, but flip flopped on it without ever giving a real explanation as to why he changed his mind.

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Kids are forced to wear masks continuously for hours on end, even during gym class. Then, they are forced to wear that same mask after gym class for the rest of the day after they have sweated in it.

Statistically, children are far less likely to contract COVID-19 and teachers have been offered priority vaccination, so it’s unclear what the misinformation by Spadea was about other than tech censorship of anyone who goes against the ‘new normal’ and expresses opinions different than their own.

The video entitled “Stupidity continues at Old Bridge School” has been removed from the video sharing service. Hey Bill, next time, use Rumble.

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“It’s Old Bridge that joins the growing number of schools returning to a dystopian and somewhat deranged version of in-person schooling,” Spadea wrote. “Old Bridge schools have grade school kids exiting the building and lining up on the parking lot curb eating 6 feet apart while their jailer, err, teachers aide, monitors the distance — ya know, for safety.

Teaching kids to fear one another as disease spreaders is both scientifically misleading and emotionally damaging. Kids should be taught to value themselves and their peers. Today they are being taught to fear others and hide like cowards,” Spadea said.

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