Man charged with cocaine, gun possession charges in Martin County


On Thursday, 24-year old Robert McKeen of St Lucie brought 2-ounces of cocaine into Martin County and Sheriff William Snyder took it personally.

McKeen also had a fully loaded stolen pistol in his waistband during the drug transaction. Detectives, along with DEA Agents were able to detain him and secure that weapon. He is currently in the Martin County Jail.

“I thought it proper to use this case as an illustration and a reminder of the hard and dangerous work my narcotics deputies perform daily. Their struggle to keep soul destroying drugs out of our community and out of the hands of our children is fought street by street, block by block, school by school,” Snyder said. “It is dangerous thankless work. In an era when many are clamoring to legalize more and more controlled narcotics, our detectives remain steadfast in their resolve to keep these dangerous substances off our streets and out of our community. This particular case serves as a reminder of their ever present danger.”

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