For the first time in history, people are leaving California

Californians are leaving their state in record numbers citing failed socioeconomic policies in America's most liberal state.

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Go west young man. That was a common term throughout American history for easterners looking to find success in the new western frontiers. California prospered through the 1800s gold rush, the 1990s tech boom. The state saw record growth in the post-World War II era, but now, with the failed social policies of America’s most liberal and socialist-leaning state taking their toll, Californians are leaving in record numbers.

The total population of California declined in 2020 for the first time in recorded history by 182,000 as Californians left for less restrictive states. People who left the state cited the government policies that have lead to a homeless crisis of epidemic proportions, high taxes, and over the top COVID-19 restrictions.

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California has become too expensive to live in for the average person where the median price of a home is now around $700,000.

Part of the reason for California’s exodus was the pandemic and the Trump administration’s closure of the Mexican border. Immigration was down in 2020 and the state had record low enrollment of foreign students in its universities.

California is 9th on the nation’s list of states people are moving out of, according to the National Association of Realtors. New York leads the list with Illinois and New Jersey close behind.

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