It’s not just crazy white boys out shooting things, says teacher now under fire


ACHORAGE, AK – A teacher in Fairbanks is under fire after discussing race and shootings in America saying that it’s not just crazy white people shooting up the world, blacks and hispanics are doing it too.

The bizarre rant went on and she probably should have stopped talking about the subject in class at about the 30-second mark, as she was totally oblivious to the risk she was putting her career in, in this day and age.

“When the cops run up on a robbery they don’t again they don’t know who’s who in the situation and most of the time they’re gonna arrest everybody and sort it out at the station unless somebody’s obviously hurt,” she said. “There’s been a lot of shootings with people of color. The reason why you don’t hear about it though is because it doesn’t fit that white angry, white male narrative that the media wants.”

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“It’s it’s not just crazy white boys who are out shooting up things,” she added.

One African American parent overhearing their child’s zoom call interrupted the meeting.

“I just disagree with the conversation in whole,” she said. “I feel like this is something that, you know, Ms. Gardner, I don’t feel like you’re really able to address with you being a white woman. You know I am a woman of color.”

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