Is Murphy pumping the numbers on vaccinations too? Why not, It’s not the first time


The science employed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been questionable since day one of the pandemic. His numbers were often bizarre and sometimes made absolutely no sense. His reasoning for his actions often had no correlation to facts or figures, such as shutting down the bar industry because one bar out of thousands reported COVID-19 transmission among its staff.

This week, we learned the Murphy administration is now wholesale deleted COVID-19 cases from the New Jersey Department of Health database being listed as errors and duplicates. There are 16,000 so far that we know of.

On Monday, a conversation between Judith Persichili, she needs no introduction and the Governor contradicted the number of New Jersey residents who received the COVID-19 vaccination. Some of the numbers released on the state’s new COVID-19 vaccination dashboard also don’t add up. Several towns are reporting over 100% of their residents being vaccinated, particularly in the shore communities.

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According to the state, Avalon New Jersey is 112% of Avalon residents have had at least one vaccination shot. In Margate City, 108% of residents have had a shot. Harvey Cedars are 99% vaccinated. Mantoloking shows as 84%. Cranbury Township seniors are vaccinated at 110%.

The town of Teterboro has a 196% vaccination rate and a staggering 382% rate among senior citizens. Andover, home to another senior citizen nightmare during the pandemic is vaccinated at 171% and fully vaccinated residents make up 146% of the population.

It sounds like a great success, but how is that even possible? The numbers across the board on the new dashboard are wonky.

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When asked if the dashboard numbers include residents from out of state, Murphy said, “Does not include.”

Murphy said no, the state is not including out-of-state residents who get vaccinated at a New Jersey location in their overall numbers. Persichili said, yes they are.

First thing on over 100%. It may be seasonal residents many counties down the shore for example could have over 100%. A lot of people from Pennsylvania have residents at the shore and they got vaccinated here,” Persichili said.

Neither offered an explanation of how some non-shore towns have achieved over 100% vaccination rate.

As far as we’re concerned, this is the best mistake so far, since Murphy is not letting go of his chokehold until 70% of the population has been vaccinated, so PA and NY, keep coming!

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