Hundreds attend rally for school nurse fired for wanting to unmask children


STAFFORD TOWNSHIP, NJ – Hundreds attended a rally in Stafford Township in support of fired nurse Erin Pein who was let go by the local school district after she voiced her concerns about the mental and physical health concerns by the prolonged wearing of masks by children in her school.

Pein was been suspended without pay after refusing to wear her facemask to work. She said students had also come to her with their issues about the masks. She also made the argument that very few students and staff were properly wearing their facemasks in order to protect each other from the spread of COVID-19.

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The rally was attended by Stafford Township Councilman George Williams who said it’s time to take off the masks as more than half of the state’s population has now been vaccinated and COVID-19 cases in Ocean County are in extremely sharp decline.

“Enough’s enough, we’re done. It’s simple,” Councilman Williams said.

“Masks don’t prevent them from getting COVID,” Pein said. “The virus is so small. Making them wear them for six or seven hours a day is awful. I have seen horrible things with these masks.”

Hirsh Singh, a candidate for Governor against Phil Murphy was also in attendance. “This mandated policy is child abuse. Nurse Erin Pein was suspended without pay after she started defending the kids within her care.” Singh said.

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“This is the first step of liberating New Jersey from the tyranny of Phil Murphy,” Singh said. “The people who are here are the ones who love their families the most, because they showed up.”

Singh said the mental health of children are suffering as the Murphy mask mandate continues in New Jersey public schools.

“Erin Pein is true patriot,” Singh said. “She put herself out there. She was on Fox News. She was was in Newsweek.”

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