Mo Hill’s New Party Boss Attacks Shore News Over Quinlisk Violence Charges


TOMS RIVER, NJ – In October of 2002, Toms River Council Candidate James Quinlisk was charged by the Englishtown Police Department for assaulting a handicapped man and a woman over a paycheck dispute.

We covered that yesterday here: Police records show Mo Hill candidate Quinlisk accused of assaulting disabled man, woman over paycheck dispute

Today, Mo Hill political party boss Anna Pasqua said the story was fake news and disputed the facts contained in the Englishtown Police Department’s report.

“This fake news attack on Jim Quinlisk is both dishonest and despicable,” Pasqua, the leader of Mo Hill’s third political party said in a diatribe today.

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The truth is Pasqua didn’t want the people of Toms River to know about Quinlisks’s past violent and aggressive behavior which also include multiple motor vehicle charges that we did not publish, but the public should know. Quinlisk has a history of aggression. We simply report the facts to inform the people. Such as the fact that Pasqua is the head of the Mo Hill political party in Toms River.

Charges against Quinlisk may have been dismissed, but the facts from that day when he assaulted a handicapped man over a paycheck and pushed a woman remain undisputed. We asked Mr. Quinlisk twice for comment. We asked Mo Hill’s attorney Pasqua for comment. We asked Mo Hill Attorney Greg McGuckin for comment. We even asked OC GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman for comment.

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All of them refused to comment.

Here’s what else Mo Hill lawyer Pasqua doesn’t want residents to know. She’s employed by the law firm of Cape Hart Sctchard, Pa of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Her firm receives $8.1 million annually in public pay to play contracts, mostly from Democrat-controlled towns. Her law firm made $31,000 in political campaign contributions to powerful New Jersey Democrats in 2020. In return, her law firm receives lucrative contracts from Democrat-controlled towns all over New Jersey. They also donate to Republicans. Like a good pay-to-play firm, they play both sides of the aisle, because to people like Pasqua, politics is about professional contracts.

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She is now the head of Mo Hill’s new “Republican Party”. Pasqua can cry “Fake News” from the seat of her $8 million per year public pay to play law firm all she wants.

507644959 Quinlisk Arrest Report Redacted by Phil Stilton on Scribd