Shore Republicans Stamp Out Trunk Fighting Epidemic in New Jersey

At the Jersey Shore, trunk fighting is a serious problem. That’s the act of letting two dogs fight to the death in the trunks of cars. Apparently, it is a problem at the Jersey Shore, because Toms River Assemblyman Greg McGuckin has spent a lot of his time in Trenton, when he’s not sleeping in the back, making sure he puts an end to the practice.

Trunk fighting is now illegal in the State of New Jersey thanks to McGuckin. It has plagued the Jersey Shore for decades.

Actually, we couldn’t find any cases of trunk fighting at the Jersey Shore, but what we did find was that Greg McGuckin also sponsored a bill in 2020 that sought to fine New Jersey residents $15,000 for violating Phil Murphy’s excessive lockdown executive orders.

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“This barbaric act is now outlawed in New Jersey,” McGuckin said. “The inhumane treatment of dogs and other animals offends the decency of Garden State residents who have supported laws to stop dog fighting and other atrocities. Trunk fighting is tactic gambling rings have used to circumvent existing laws against dog fighting, and this bill closes that loophole.”

The trio today took credit for the bill, which was actually sponsored by Ron Dancer.