Mighty Bosstone’s George Floyd Video is even too awkward and woke for the awkward and woke

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones just released a tribute to racial diversity and to recognize the murder of George Floyd, but even the liberal left woke crowd think the video is just too woke and awkward to be taken seriously.

It is hailed as “The Killing of Georgie Part III” and is arguably the strangest music video of 2021 so far.

Here’s what the left is upset about with the video, other than it just being strange and awkward:

  • A tribute to Floyd which doesn’t mention his name.
  • Not enough people of color in the video.
  • It’s a white guy in a suit playing the white man’s version of reggae (ska).
  • It’s a disservice to the genre of ska.
Did you see it?
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