Man beat 71-year-old woman with club

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ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL – Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the Circle K on the 2700-block of Gulf Beach Highway on May 13th in reference to an unconscious woman who had been hit with a bat.

The victim, a 71- year old woman, was taken a local hospital. ECSO Investigators immediately began working the case. What the surveillance video showed was shocking. You can see 30-year-old, Michael Coggeshall entered into the store, take his backpack off and aimlessly walk around.

“A short time later, the 71-year old victim entered the building and walked up the service counter, minding her own business,” the department said in a statement. “The suspect grabbed a wooden club from his backpack, walks up behind the victim, and viciously attacked her, hitting her in the head with the club.”

“I hope this is not a sign of the time. Watching this animal pace around behind the victim, contemplating his action is chilling. If you are not angered by this kind of behavior, I question your humanity,” said Sheriff Chip W. Simmons. “Rarely if ever in my law enforcement career I have I seen something so random and something so down right evil. I was disgusted watching the video of the event unfold. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim. We are charging him with attempted murder because that is the most we can charge him with at this time. I hope justice finds Michael Coggeshall and judges him accordingly.”

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Later, investigator Timo was in the area of the Circle K looking for Coggeshall, when he spotted him on a bicycle. Investigator Timo tried to apprehend him, but he took off. That’s when Deputy Matt Watkins and his K9 partner Bady got on his trail. K9 Bady bit Coggeshall in the process of the arrest. Coggeshall was treated at a local hospital before arriving to the Escambia County Jail.